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Mallorca is the largest of the autonomous Balearic islands, situated in the western Mediterranean, one hundred or so miles off the Spanish coast.

In terms of the nature of it’s landscape, the island is divided into three main areas:

(i) Sierra del Norte - A range of dramatic mountains and forested hills with bizarre rocky outcrops. These reach a height of 1443m at Puig Major, which lies more or less centrally along the north western coast.

(ii) Sierra de Levante - A moderately high range in the south east of the island, which although also dramatic and visually interesting, are substantially conservative (rising to only 509m), compared with the Sierra del Norte mentioned above.

(iii) Llanuro del Centro - This fertile plain runs between the Sierra ranges and is largely given up to intensive agriculture (mainly arable), with only a scattering of undulation.

The temperate Mediterranean climate, tends to more or less guarantee moderate winters and hot (but not exhaustingly so) summers. The island certainly has one of the most agreeable climates most of us are likely to choose to experience - and most is without extremes.

Visitors benefit from a good selection of accommodation to suit virtually all tastes and budgets. However, if your preference is for a noisy family resort, full of bars, nightclubs and discotheques, you really are looking at the wrong website - That’s simply not what we are about. The areas in which we specialise, are the beautiful and truly Mallorquin inland townships, typical villages and peaceful rural countryside hideaways - The kind of places one can just relax and discover a side of the island experienced only by the lucky few.

In reality, the most important thing is to allow oneself the opportunity to sample the simplest of pleasures whilst here - like taking tapas in a small village bar, shaded from the hot afternoon sun, perhaps even enjoying a small dish of local olives, helped down with a glass of the finest dry sherry, or indeed just preparing to dine out on a balmy Mediterranean evening, knowing that the most difficult question you’ll face is......which delicious restaurant to choose??

What a hard life!!!

We have a great selection of accommodation to make your stay here a real pleasure.

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